Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Sayings...

Noah was full of sweet sayings and stories yesterday. First, when we picked him up from Sunday School I asked him, "Noah, what did you do today?". His response, "Well Mom, we learned, played, shared, and laughed." So cute! Then last night as he was laying in bed he told me this story... "Mom we learned about three strange friends at Sunday School. They were Shadrach, Meshach, and I can't remember the other name. (I told him Abednego). There was a mean king and the boys wouldn't bow down (at this point he shows me what it looks like to bow down) and so the mean king got a soldier. And the soldier put them in the fire. And then an angel came and God wrapped his arms around them and they didn't get burned. I loved it! And, the final sweet moment...last night I wasn't feeling so good at bedtime. Robert told Noah to be sweet because I wasn't feeling well. Noah's response, "I'll ask Jesus to help her. Dear Jesus help Mommy feel better." He immediately followed this by saying, "I don't think he heard me." So he yells, "DEAR JESUS PLEASE HELP MOMMY FEEL BETTER!" He's constantly making me smile!

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