Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Noah Funnies

I am trying to remember to blog when Noah says or does something funny so that I have some sort of written record of all the things that crack us up. He's such a funny kid and he is constantly keeping us smiling. Here are the latest...

- The doorbell rings. Noah runs to the window to see who it is. He yells, "Mom, it's the CPS man!" I respond, "I sure hope not!" Thankfully it was just the UPS man.
-As I was picking Noah up from daycare one day he asked, "Mom, do we shoot animals so that we can make the animal crackers?"
-I left my wallet at home and had to come back to get it. Robert met me outside to hand it to me. As we were talking, his phone rang. He looked down, and Noah was calling him. He just wanted to let "Rob" (what he calls his daddy quite often) that the chicken in the microwave was done. Since he couldn't find him, he just dialed his number and called him.

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