Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spare My Life

So I have to share another Noah story. Tonight he comes into us and asks, "What does spare my life mean?". Robert and I just look at each other and I decide to tell him it means something along the lines of please don't hurt me. We decided that would be better than using the word kill and heading down that road. Robert asked him where he heard it, and he said on the movie, Marmaduke. So then, he just keeps saying, "Dad, please spare my life." So now, I wait for the day that we are walking down an aisle in Target and I have to get on to him. I can see the whole thing play in my head...
Me: "Noah, if you do that again, I am going to take you to the bathroom and spank your bottom." (in a nice, quiet voice)
Noah: "Mom, please spare my life." (in his loudest voice possible I'm sure)
So if you see us out and about and hear Noah asking one of us to spare his'll know why! Love that kid!

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