Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sick Day

Noah woke up with a fever and cough on Saturday and Sunday morning. We took both boys to the doctor on Saturday. Dr. Yap thought it was probably the start of a virus for Noah. Eli wasn't running fever, but still had the cough and runny nose so we took him in too just to be safe. We called my grandparents - a.k.a. Mamie and Papa and they said yes to coming over to watch Noah on Monday. Of course, they wanted to keep sweet Mr. Eli too. So, the boys had a nice, relaxing sick day Monday with them. The last couple of days have been snow days so we've been able to stay home with the boys. Today, Noah finally has no fever! We're so thankful to have such wonderful family to come over and help us when we're in need. Love you Mamie and Papa!

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