Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I have had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Noah was so cute on Friday when we got home from school. We always have a routine of unpacking his backpack. There was a sack in it from preschool. He quickly told me, "Mom, close your eyes. I have to go hide this present for you under my bed!". That night I went to see Something Borrowed with some friends. It was so cute and fun to enjoy some girl time. Yesterday Noah was making all sorts of plans for Mother's Day. He made several cards and once again I couldn't look while he hid it under his bed. Noah knew we were going to my parents' house on Sunday so he called Pop and asked him to make a cake with pink frosting for all the ladies. My dad found one at Sams that night so they got that all worked out! Noah wanted there to be candles so he brought those and the candle lighter. He also prepared a song for us. Then today Mother's Day came. Robert had told me that he and Noah were getting up early. Noah woke me up to tell me bye and said, "Mom we're going to get you a surprise. I can't tell you until Mother's Day." After learning that it was actually Mother's Day he went ahead and revealed to me that he was going to buy me flowers. They left and returned later with flowers, a card, and breakfast. Noah gave me his other present from school which was a kitchen towel with his handprint and a sweet card. Robert told me that Noah had been planning to get these flowers for a couple weeks and that he couldn't get them early. He said he had to buy them on Mother's Day. We had a great lunch at Seymour and Noah informed all the ladies that, "This is the day when wadies (ladies) get to be wazy (lazy)." After lunch he put the candles in the cake. He put five of them. One for each lady and one for him. He sang us Happy Mother's Day to the tune of the Happy Birthday song and then blew out the candles. It was absolutely adorable. Eli just enjoyed having some of the cake to eat! Here are a few pics from the day-starting with one of me and my boys and the flowers they gave me.
The cake with pink frosting...
Blowing out the candles...
Mamie Joan, Mamie Mary, Noah, Mom, and Me

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