Friday, July 22, 2011


We went to Austin to visit Robert's aunt and uncle, Lark and Roger. We had a great visit with them! They are such a joy to be around and always love on our kiddos so much! Noah especially enjoyed hearing about the Silver Fox that comes up to their house for food sometimes. Roger even printed him a picture of a Silver Fox to take home. Noah displayed it proudly on the top of his dresser. We took the boys to the Children's Museum while we were there. Eli just loved climbing up and down the steps. And sliding down... Noah doing some "construction work" A smile for mom...Of course we had to snap a quick pic of the Capitol since we were there...Lark and Roger's house - don't you love it?! Me, Noah, and Lark at the top of the lighthouse Noah sliding down into their pool... Eli and Daddy "swimming" Uncle Roger and Eli They had lots of fun together! Uncle Roger and Noah Robert, Eli, Aunt Lark, and Noah

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