Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So today we had our first major injury. Noah slipped and fell on a tile and floor and had a pretty bad gash on his chin. We went to the ER because Dr. Yap doesn't do stitches. Noah did really great with it all. He was fine in the waiting room. Then, we went back and he loved the nurse. She let him push the buttons, gave him stickers, and let him color. Thankfully, my old family doctor from Seymour, Dr. Mendoza was there. They all took great care of us. The only bad part was when they had to swaddle Noah up for the stitches so that he would stay still. He had to get four stitches, but he was a very brave boy. Here are his "cheeseburger" shots to show off his battle wound.
The close-up
One more view...

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  1. I did not know this!!! So sorry NOAH! You are a real trooper, love, Mrs. Sabrina and Laura too