Monday, February 7, 2011

Noah's First Valentine

Just a little story today - no pictures. I was talking to Noah yesterday and we were talking about Valentine's Day. So I asked him, "Noah who's your number one Valentine?" He replied, "Kaitlyn is my first Valentine mom and you're my second one." Of course, I was shocked and instantly replied, "But Mommy should be your first Valentine!". His response, "Mom, now we can't always be first." I just died laughing. He has a great friend at daycare, and they are constantly competing with each other. I've been trying to drill into his head that it's ok if he's not always first. I guess it sunk in - but not in the way I wanted. Kaitlyn is a sweet and cute little friend, but I still think I deserve to be his first Valentine. Noah and Kaitlyn are constantly cracking Whitney (Kaitlyn's mom) and I up. Kaitlyn told Noah last night at the Super Bowl party that she wanted him to come and stay at their house forever and ever. She also told her parents the other day that she was going to marry Noah. As we were going to bed last night, Noah said his prayers. Kaitlyn was included of course...thank you Jesus for Kaitlyn and please help her to keep being my best girlfriend. I'll have to snap a pic of the two of them soon to go with this story. They're just too cute!

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